August 19, 2018

Website/Blog Evaluation Service

Are you looking for more traffic to your website or blog? Have you tried to follow the advice of others and not been able to produce the results that you were hoping for?

Traffikd is now offering a website/blog evaluation service that will give you feedback on what you’re currently doing and provide you with some direction for working towards drastically increasing the number of visitors you get to your site.

The evaluation will provide you with a written document that will give you some direction towards achieving greater results with your website, and you’ll be able to refer to it any time you want.

What Will You Get Out of an Evaluation?

Increased visitors, subscribers, and influence. The recommendations you will be given will be specific and customized to fit with your individual goals and the approach you want to take with your website. If you’re looking for better results with social media you can get plenty of advice and direction from a blogger who is proven to be successful with social media marketing.

A more successful, profitable website. Getting more exposure and more visitors to your site will help you to take the necessary steps towards a stronger and more successful website.

A personalized approach. Your evaluation will begin with some simple questions to understand more about you and your website so that the entire process can be personalized in a way that will help you the most. No two websites are the same, and the advice you get will be specific to your situation.

What’s Involved with the Service?

1. The evaluation will be provided to you in the form of a 3 – 4 page (approximately) PDF document that will provide some observations and thoughts on your current website and changes that could be made to help you reach your goals with the site. Much of the document will be covering some strategies or ideas that you could implement with your website to increase the amount of visitors that you receive.

2. The evaluation focuses on traffic building. That’s what I do best, and that’s how I feel I can help other website owners. You’ll get advice for increasing traffic through simple changes to your website (if applicable) as well as a more detailed guide for generating traffic through social media marketing.

3. The approach taken with the evaluation is very practical and personal. Much of the advice that will be given will focus on areas that I have experimented with and succeeded with on my own websites or on those of clients. The focus will be on providing solutions that you can implement right away.

4. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have following the evaluation.

What This Service is Not:

It is not an ongoing consultation. In order to offer a service that is affordable and effective for the greatest number of clients, the service is a one-time evaluation rather than an ongoing consulting relationship. If you have other needs, please contact me and we may be able to work something out aside from this evaluation service.

It is not a social media submission service. After implementing some of the items in the evaluation I may be able to help you with some votes or submission; however, that is not a part of this service, and I am not paid for any votes or submissions.

It is not an easy solution. The ideal client for this service is someone who is currently putting some time and effort into a website or blog and simply wants more traffic. Most of the suggestions that will come as a result of the evaluation will involve some work on your part. The key is working smarter so that your time is more effective and more efficient in terms of generating traffic.

My Qualifications:

In addition to running this website, I also run a leading web design blog, Vandelay Design, that gets as many as 600,000 page views per month with just one part-time writer (me) and only about 3 new blog posts per week. The blog at Vandelay Design is profitable on its own, but it also serves as a promotion method for generating leads for web design services, which it does very well.

My most recent project is another blog in the web design niche, In it’s first full month passed 1,500 subscribers and 100,000 unique visitors and was profitable in just a matter of weeks. After 6 months of existence the site had over 5,500 subscribers and over 275,ooo pageviews per month.

Aside from managing my own blogs, I also do regular freelance writing for a variety of blogs that cover web design, marketing, and blogging. I’ve written for Technorati Top 100 blogs such as Smashing Magazine, Freelance Switch, and Daily Blog Tips.


” I am truly satisfied with Traffikd’s review on my site. I have corresponded with Steven via email who has been very helpful in answering all my questions on what’s working on my site and how I could improve it further from the web design, marketing and promotions aspects. The detailed and comprehensive review and suggestions given by Steven completely took me by surprise! Highly recommended to anyone who wishes to find out how they can improve their web site by a mile! “
— Pablo Pabla – Delicious Asian Food

“Working with Steven is always a real pleasure.  The advice and insight he provides are very detailed and specific, but also easy to understand and act on.  It’s easy to trust Steven’s word as he puts everything he says into practice on his own extremely successful network of websites.  Choosing Steven is a no-brainer.”
— Ben Harper of Onyva and Templamatic

Get Your Website Evaluated and Start Seeing More Traffic

The cost of the website evaluation/review is $100.  For this price you will get a 3-4 page (approximate length, each will vary) PDF document loaded with feedback, ideas and suggestions that you can put into practice to starting getting more exposure for your website.

If you would like to have your website or blog review, please complete the form below and I’ll be in touch with you very shortly.

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